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Certified Flagging

Traffic control flagging is an essential aspect of managing traffic flow in work zones, and it requires expertise and training to ensure that it's done safely and efficiently. Certified traffic control supervisors are responsible for overseeing flagging operations and ensuring that all flaggers are properly trained and equipped to carry out their duties. These supervisors are trained to assess traffic patterns and develop effective flagging plans that help to maintain a safe and steady flow of traffic.

The success of traffic control flagging operations depends on proper setups and teardowns. Setups involve the installation of traffic control devices such as cones, barrels, and barricades to guide traffic safely through the work zone. These setups must be carefully planned and executed to ensure that they are effective in managing traffic flow. Similarly, teardowns involve the removal of traffic control devices once work is complete. These teardowns must be done efficiently to minimize disruptions to traffic flow and ensure that the roadway is safe for all users.

Two-way flagging is an important technique used in traffic control flagging, particularly in work zones where there is only one lane of traffic. In two-way flagging, a single flagger controls both directions of traffic, alternately allowing traffic to move through the work zone in one direction and then the other. This technique requires careful coordination and clear communication to ensure that traffic flow is well-managed and that safety is prioritized for all road users.

Traffic control flagging is an essential aspect of managing traffic flow in work zones, and it requires expertise, training, and careful planning. By working with certified traffic control supervisors and following proper setups and teardowns, construction crews can ensure that flagging operations are done safely and efficiently. Techniques such as two-way flagging and multi-lane closures help to maintain a steady flow of traffic, ensuring that roadways remain safe for all users.

Our Team's Experience

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Bighorn has an Engineering Department with Certified TCS’s that have ample Years of Experience Engineering Site Specific Traffic Control Plans.