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Traffic control is a critical aspect of ensuring safe and efficient travel on roadways, particularly in areas where construction or maintenance work is taking place. To ensure that traffic flow is well-managed, traffic control specialists use a range of tools, including delineations, arrow boards, traffic control signs, construction signs, message/PCMS boards, water walls, sidewalk detours, and ADA compliance measures.

Delineations are the physical markings used to indicate traffic lanes, pedestrian areas, and other zones on roadways. These can include painted lines, reflective tape, and other materials that provide clear visual cues to drivers and pedestrians. Arrow boards are another important tool used for traffic control. These boards are used to direct traffic through construction zones or other areas where roadwork is taking place. Arrow boards are designed to be highly visible, providing clear guidance to drivers on the road ahead.

Traffic control signs are also important for guiding motorists safely through construction zones, providing information about lane closures, detours, and other hazards. Construction signs, in particular, are designed to alert drivers to upcoming roadwork, and to provide instructions for safe navigation through the work zone. Message/PCMS boards are electronic signs that can display customized messages, including speed limits, lane closures, and other important information. These boards are especially useful in areas where traffic conditions may change rapidly, such as during emergencies or unexpected road closures.

Water walls are temporary barriers that can be used to redirect traffic and protect workers in construction zones. These walls are often used in conjunction with other traffic control measures, such as detours and lane closures. Sidewalk detours are also an important aspect of traffic control, as they help ensure pedestrian safety in areas where construction work is taking place. ADA compliance is a critical consideration in sidewalk detours, as they must be designed to provide safe and accessible passage for individuals with disabilities.

Effective traffic control requires a coordinated effort among construction crews, traffic control specialists, and local authorities. By using delineations, arrow boards, traffic control signs, construction signs, message/PCMS boards, water walls, sidewalk detours, and ADA-compliant measures, construction crews can help minimize disruptions to traffic flow while ensuring the safety of motorists and pedestrians alike. By following best practices for traffic control and related operations, construction teams can help ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget, while maintaining a safe work environment for their team.

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